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中国赌城网站可信吗|每日新闻播报(November 20)

2020-01-10 13:55:02

[kevin jarrett/unsplash]>'upcycling', 2019's top word'升级回收'当选年度词汇the cambridge dictionary has named "upcycling", the making of new items out of old or used things, as its word of the year 2019. 剑桥词典近日

中国赌城网站可信吗|每日新闻播报(November 20)

中国赌城网站可信吗,[kevin jarrett/unsplash]

>'upcycling', 2019's top word


the cambridge dictionary has named "upcycling", the making of new items out of old or used things, as its word of the year 2019. 剑桥词典近日将"upcycling(升级回收)"评为2019年年度词汇。"升级回收"指的是用旧的或使用过的东西制造新物品的活动。

the number of times upcycling has been looked up on the cambridge dictionary website has risen 181% since december 2011, when it was first added to the online dictionary, and searches have doubled in the last year alone. 自2011年12月首次被收入剑桥词典网站以来,"升级回收"一词的搜索量增长了181%,仅去年一年的搜索量就增加了一倍。

"we think it's the positive idea behind upcycling that appeals more than the word itself," said wendalyn nichols, publishing manager of the cambridge dictionary. "stopping the progression of climate change, let alone reversing it, can seem impossible at times. upcycling is a concrete action a single human being can take to make a difference.剑桥词典的出版经理温德林·尼科尔斯说:"我们认为,'升级回收'一词背后的积极意义比这个词本身更吸引人。阻止气候变化的进程,更不用说扭转它,有时似乎是不可能的。'升级回收'是每个人可以为此做出改变的具体行动。"

britain's prince andrew, duke of york leaves after speaking at the asean business and investment summit in bangkok, on the sidelines of the 35th association of southeast asian nations (asean) summit on nov 03, 2019. [photo/vcg]

>prince's rebuttal a pr crash


prince andrew's attempt to explain away his friendship with pedophile financier jeffrey epstein in a high-profile tv interview degenerated into a public relations catastrophe. 英国的安德鲁王子高调接受电视访问,本来试图为自己与恋童癖金融家爱泼斯坦的友谊辩解,却演变成了一场公关灾难。

during an interview with bbc newsnight's emily maitlis on saturday night, the prince insisted he had not had sex with any women trafficked by epstein. 16日晚,安德鲁王子在接受英国广播公司《新闻之夜》节目主持人梅特利斯采访期间坚称,自己没有与任何一名被爱泼斯坦"招募"的女性发生过性关系。

but he confirmed that he had flown on epstein's now notorious jet, nicknamed the lolita express, and stayed on his private island and at his home in palm beach, as well as at his new york mansion.但他承认,自己确实曾乘坐过爱泼斯坦臭名昭著的私人飞机"洛丽塔快车",并曾去过他的私人岛屿以及在棕榈滩和纽约的豪宅。

a photograph of the prince with his arm around the waist of a 17-year-old victim has been widely circulated, but the prince repeatedly said in his interview he had "no recollection of that photograph ever being taken". 一张安德鲁王子搂着一名17岁受害者的照片已被广泛流传,但他本人仍在采访中反复表示"不记得曾经拍过那张照片"。

his rambling and contradictory explanations sparked near-universal condemnation from viewers.他不着边际又前后矛盾的解释招致观众的一致谴责。

china's homegrown sunway taihulight, is the first supercomputer of its kind to only use domestically made parts. [photo/ic]

>china top in supercomputers


china boasts 228 supercomputers, the most in the world, and has extended its lead in numbers, while shrinking the gap in aggregate performance with the us, top500.org said in its latest top 500 list released on monday. 18日出炉的"top500"最新一期全球超级计算机500强榜单显示,中国有228台超算上榜,是全球拥有超算数量最多的国家。中国在继续扩大数量上的领先优势的同时,正在缩小总算力上与美国之间的差距。

the number of installations in china has remained number one for the fifth time in a row, up from 219 six months ago. 这是中国超算上榜数量连续第五次位居第一,较半年前的219台有所增加。

meanwhile, the share of us-based systems remains near its all-time low at 117. 美国上榜超算数量为117台,仍接近历史低位。

however, as per the top 500 list, the systems in the us are on average significantly larger, which translated to a 37.8% share of the list's aggregate performance.然而,根据500强榜单,美国超算的平均运算能力更强,其算力在榜单总算力中占比达37.8%。

china is behind with a 31.9% performance share.中国算力占比为31.9%,位居第二。

traders work after the opening bell at the new york stock exchange located at wall street in new york city, on july 29, 2019. [photo/vcg]

>global debt hits new record


global debt has hit a high of more than $250 trillion, and is ballooning toward a new record of $255 trillion by year's end - equivalent to over $32,500 for every person on the planet, according to a report by the institute of international finance. 国际金融协会发布的一份报告称,全球债务总额已达到逾250万亿美元的高位,且还在持续增加,到今年年底或将创下255万亿美元的新纪录,相当于全球人均负债超过3.25万美元。

the debt, which is more than three times the size of the world's annual economic output, grew by $7.5 trillion in the first half of the year and showed no sign of slowing. 报告称,目前的全球债务规模是全球年度经济产值的三倍多。今年上半年全球债务增长7.5万亿美元,且没有放缓的迹象。

as reported, government debt underwent the biggest rise in the first half of 2019 with a 1.5% increase. non-financial companies followed, advancing 1%. 报告显示,2019年上半年增长最多的是政府债务,增加了1.5%,其次是非金融业企业,增加了1%。

according to the institute, the rise in debt levels came as a result of a deepening in global bond markets, which have increased from $87 trillion in 2009 to over $115 trillion in mid-2019.国际金融协会指出,全球债券市场从2009年的87万亿美元增至2019年年中的逾115万亿美元,这导致了全球债务水平上升。

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